Oral Surgery

This Coal Harbour dental office offers the basic oral surgical services which are within the scope of a general dental practice.
We perform tooth extractions, gum (periodontal surgeries), attend to emergencies involving trauma to face and jaws, as well as other small surgical procedures.

We are located in Coal Harbour, the ‘heart’ of downtown Vancouver, a short distance from several oral and maxillofacial surgical specialist offices. This enables our easy access to an oral and maxillofacial specialist or a periodontist, if a referral appears to be in the best interest of our patients.

We are often asked if we “do” implants. The answer is YES.
However, our protocol regarding IMPLANT TREATMENTS involves three important stages:

  1. Examination: A thorough examination of the entire mouth, joint and muscles in order to determine if implants may be recommended at all and, if so, to begin preparations towards finalizing the design.
  2. Surgical stage: We refer to a specialist, oral and maxillofacial surgeon OR a periodontist, for the surgical phase. The specialist will continue to gather information in order to determine that the bone is adequate to receive the implant(s) and finally will place them in the bone according to plan.The surgeon will communicate with our office regarding the treatment progress.
  3. Restorative prosthetic stage: Referral back to our office to complete the treatment by providing crowns over the implants in the shape and size of the natural teeth.